Columbia College-Columbia, MO Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


This school is perfect for people like myself who are self-motivated and academically minded. However, for those who are seeking the socially stimulating environment that many colleges focus on, this would not be the campus for them.


I don't have any complaints about my school. I am an online college attendee and I have had no issues registering or completing my courses each term. I also am a military spouse and was allowed credit for all of my transfer credits at this school.


The cost of getting an education is expensive. Columbia College offers a great program for distance education learners but the cost is almost unreachable. With financial aid available for school from the government it only allows for your classes to be paid for as a undergraduate student. The cost of books is not included.


I cannot think about anything that I dislike about my school. I am satisfied.


The worst thing about the school is that more people don't know about it.


I feel that Columbia College graduates are not given the same academic status as graduates from other universities. I attend online through a satellite campus in San Luis Obispo, California and have witnessed people steering away from attending this online university. In general online colleges are viewed as substandard to the actual classroom experience.


that the in seat classes are limited, they need to offer more in seat


Gym was very small and lacked showers


The unfriendly new staff.