Columbia College-Columbia, MO Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


In my opinion, it is more suited for the non-traditional student who is returning back to college or is later in age and beginning college.


A person that is career orientated and looking towards the future. I continued to go there to further myself professionally after I decided I did not want to continue in a Criminal Justice field. I believe anyone could go to Columbia College and enjoy their experience.


Any type of person can attend this school. It is well rounded with many majors and many different option for students to choose from. There are namy differently located campuses around the country, as well as degrees available online. The various schedules available and all the choices of classes make this a wonderful choice. It is affordable and the professors are excellently qualified. I am very proud of this school.


Anyone that wants to further their education should attend Columbia College. This college is perfect for young students and old. There is a diverse education platform; something for everyone! If you are young, old, married, divorced, single, this is the college for you. Columbia has so many classes available on campus and online, it is perfect for absolutely anyone wanting to start or finish their degree.


Someone who wants to learn in an invironment that requires not only hands on learning but independent learning. Someone who is looking for a good school with a good history.


Career focused


Any potential student who is looking for small class size, individual attention, and a community atmosphere that feels like a small town. The program I attended is specifically designed to accomadate non-traditional students who are balancing work, family, and school.


Anyone who wishes to better themselves.