Columbia College-Columbia, MO Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Washington University is the friendliness of all the faculty and students. It is truly an environment where everyone is helping one another get better and learn.


The best thing about my school is that their is diversity in the school po[pulation so you will never feel like you dont fit.


The professors are enthusiastic and engaging. They continually challenge students to do their best; and not just by doing well on a test, but by using critical thinking and exploring the possibilities around them. The professors at Columbia College are proud of their school and help students to become the best possible versions of themselves.


The best thing about my school is definitely the individuality that each student has. Since Columbia College is such a small school, it has been hard to make friends that are not cliquey and catty and through the art department, I have met true individuals that I can now call life long friends. Each person I met through the art department has their own style, set of beliefts and medium of choice that they stick by, and i respect each one of them for it.


That they offer many different schedules for everyone. Both myself (21 years old) my sister (34) and both of my parents (55) all go to this school.


The best thing about Columbia College is it's flexibility, when I attended day campus there my job was going to be in the way of classes the next sememster, so I switched to online classes which turned out to be a wonderful experience, now I am planning on attaining a Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture, however Columbia College doesn't offer that degree, but because they offer excellent 8 week online and evening classes, I am able to get my general education courses and prep courses for a horticulture degree more quickly than I could at another campus. Thanks.


Went as an online student and loved it! Layout of online class was wonderful, great communication from teachers and counselors. Has nationwide campus locations for protored testing.


Classes that are offered online help in finishing your degree on time and sometimes ahead of schedule.


One the staff there is great. If you need help with anything you can talk to your admissions counselor. Campus life staff makes living on campus easy and welcomes you with open arms. Everybody is just great. Also the programs are really good and so are the professors.


I consider Columbia Colleges ability to be flexible as it's best thing. They have day campus, evening campus, online campus and also work with those serving in the military. You can also take 8 week courses to gain your objective quicker.


I think that the best thing about my school is that you can relocate or move states and there is no out-of-state tuition. It stays the same no matter where you live. This is very handy and flexible for those in the military or those who constantly move due to their occupation. Your tuition rates will never change and it's constant payments.


The best thing about my school is that it offers distance learning for non-traditional students, small class sizes, and both relevant and interesting coursework.


This school is small where everyone knows everyone.