Columbia College-Columbia, SC Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The women of Columbia College are committed, confident, courageous, and competent.


My classmates are very diverse. When you look around the campus, you would see several different ethnicities, religions, sexual preferences, and personalities. The students at Columbia College, my classmates, are a fun group of students to be around. There are many activities you can participate in, whether they are in support of our athletics, finding a religion that you would like to seek, becoming involved in your studies, or simply just for fun. My classmates are a small group of girls that can be considered a very close knit group as well.


My classmates in the Evening College are made up of mature, career minded individuals.


My classmates are not only my peers but my teachers as well. We learn through each other. Our struggles and successes help us grow as students so that one day we can apply the things we learned to teach other how to make a contribution to our world.


There are those who suck the energy from my learning room with the glaze of their eyes and the state of stupor they occupy, there are those who talk more than they hear and effectively don't learn anything, and there are those who need education like I do, like a needle in the brain, directly injecting questions and needs and meaning and fire, all of which fuels us, not only in the classroom, but in life, the crazy game of life that sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but we're always playing.


My classmates are the Four C's: Competent, Committed, Courageous, and Confident!


Columbia College women are strong, independent, collaborative students.


My classmates are very friendly and nice in college. Some of them are very loud, while others are quiet by nature. The loud ones always have something to say and seem to be very confident in what they want to do in life. The quiet ones often think about what they want to do more in the future rather than thinking about what they can do right now. They are all very fun to hang out with.


Spirited and unique females with huge dreams and many love Columbia College, but will be unable to return next year due to the price.


All of my classmates are really nice and focused.


Comfortable in their own personal southern bubble.


my classmates are open to different views and are always respectful of one another.