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The most unique thing about my school is that there is a focus on preparing women to go into a work force that is unequal and giving women the confidence and ability to go into that work force and to not be deterred by words like "bossy" that could keep them from voicing their opinions and reaching their full potential.


The size of the Campus. Class room sizes are very small and I personally enjoy being taught by well educated professors. This is a all women's college and that is also very unique because as a women it gives us the opportunity to grow and learn from each other. All the classes I have taken thus far have been extraordinare, the discussions that takes place inside the classroom are mind blowing.


We are unique because we are an all girls College in the middle of a really rough neighborhood. The students on our campus know where we are and we still take pride in our school. This school is big on nuturing friendships and making sure that we as students become better people education, mentally, physically, and spiritually wise. We look out for each other everyday.


It's an all female college.


Columbia College is unique because it is a women’s college related to the United Methodist Church. Its mission is to educate students in the liberal arts tradition. The College provides educational opportunities that few other institutions offer. In addition to the tradition of academic excellence, Columbia College offers the unique opportunity to form a sisterhood with women from a myriad of ethnicities and backgrounds. Many of my best friends today are women that I met at Columbia College. Columbia College builds women of strength and integrity.


This is an all womas college, so it focuses on womans power and their ability to have a voice.


IIt is a women's college instead of co-ed and the meals are fabulously delicious unlike the food at some other schools. The people at this school are much more like a family than any other school I visited.