Columbia College-Columbia, SC Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The school does not have enough faculty members and therefore classes often have time conflicts. Also, due to the limited number of faculty, some courses are only offered once every other year, which makes it difficult to graduate on time.


I really do not have anything bad to say about Columbia College. It is a great school and a great bunch of professionals that are there to help us seek our educational goals, but if I had to choose something, I would go with the lack of financial aid that my financial aid counselor givers to her students. Everyone I know that is under her has a problem with her disbursement of funds to the students. It seems as if she takes it personal like we are borrowing money from her. Other than that I love the school.


The workst thing about the school is that there is not alot of diversity among the faculty and staff. The reason i choose this as the worst is this school prides itself on teaching diversity in every department and holds high standards among the stunds to be diverse, but the diversity among the faculty and staff is slim.


I would rather have tree limbs pouring into my classroom through open window than the restriction of nature to perfectly cemented squares, where these trees now have to grow up, straight up - no deviation allowed or you're gone! - - give me limbs, twisting and stretching, looking for their own path rather than their designated future.


The worst thing about Columbia College is its location; it is located in a less than optimal area of town. Safety can be an issue at night around campus.


I have to say the worst thing about Columbia College is the food. It's not necessarily the food itself, but the lack of variety and the hours of operation. Due to being a small college, our cafeteria is only open certain hours. Being an athlete, it is very difficult to get a meal after practice or a game. Due the number of students enrolled, there is not a need for a wide variety of food. Our cafeteria is not equal to one at a larger university where there are many many choices.


The worst thing about my school would probably its location. It is not located in the best part of town and some places are just a little bit too far to walk if you do not have a car.


The worst thing about my school is that the dining hall is not open long enough. As students we are forced to eat when it is open rather than when we are hungry. This can result in gaining weight or over-eating.


The area of the school. We are literally in the ghetto. The area around the school is run down and has a lot of homeless people walking around. However, the campus security is really good. Also, because of the shabby neighborhood, you have to go a little ways down the road to get to a decent market/store (walmart, etc.)


I would have to say the quality of the dorms, especially the first-year dorm. There are a lot of problems with it and a lot of people get sick because of stuff in the buildings. Other than the quality of the dorms, everything at this school is awesome.


This thing that I consider worst about the school is the cost of tution. I know that it is a private school and all, but some people have to pay to go to school, and the price to gas is high, too. I do not know how anyone can afford to do what they want to anymore. Thank God I have a supporting loving family to get through school with.