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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Definitley visit every college you are interested in attending. By going to the school and looking first hand at how they do things, you can determine whether or not you are going to feel at "home" when you go to school there, especially if you are going to live on campus. You don't want to be miserable the whole time you live there. Also, get involved but don't over-involve yourself. Getting involved on campus makes you open to meeting more people and who knows, you could find your best friend during your campus exploration!


Adive that I would give parents trying to find the right college, is first off find what is right for the indivual. I money may be a big issue, and if it is, maybe a 4 year college is not where you should start. You can find a two year college, and then transfer later. Just find what is right for you, and just stick with. No matter what though, just get through school. Everything else can wait.


When selecting the right college for you I would advise that every student and parent search to see if the college embodies the same moral values that he or she happen to possess. No college that you choose will meet every entire need that you want, but I can guarantee that each college tries it's hardest to meet student extra curricular and student organization demands. What advise that I give to prospective college students and parents is to just try to make the most of any situation in college. Take the good with the bad and know that in every bad experience because there will be some during your college years to just take something possitive from that situation. Just know that every step of college is a learning experience and ONLY YOU can make those college years what they are.Remember that this isn't high school and your mistakes aren't easily excused. I want to let each rising college student know that this is your education that you and your parents are paying for; make the most of your college experience because we all know a good mind is a terrible thing to waste! Good luck!