Columbia College-Hollywood Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would've rethought my timing. Spacing everything out is the best idea. Everyone needs to learn time managment and if I known what I known now, I would've BEEN started applying for scholarships... non-stop. I would've started in summer of 2013.


I would say to always try your hardest. never give up. as lokng as you are always trying hard and moving foreward you will be a success. Look at going to college as a stepping stone into the future , and remember that wether you go to college or not the time will go by anyway, so you may as well go and get an education. You will never regret having an education, but you may regret not having an education. University of Phoenix is a great college to go to and still have a family and full time job. You can do it!!!!


Don't stress too much about college but appreciate high school while your still there. College will be a big change, especially in the amount of responsibility you have, so enjoy your fleeting childhood. Get the most out of everyday and the people, most of which you will never see again. Live senior how you want to so you never regret how you spent the last year. Participate in as many activities as you can that you enjoy, especially if they will help you gain an edge in college. Really learn about who you are as a person and become comfortable wth yourself. The hardest part about starting college is being with an entirely new group of peoplel and if you aren't comfortable with yourself you won't be comfortable with others. Teach yourself self discipline, because in college no one else is going to be there to push you but you. Lastly, figure out what you really want out of life, so you can make sure your next four years in college will get you closer to your goals.


Going back in time is a big deal, if I were to go back I would like to tell my self to be more attentive to my school work. I also would advise myself to take a smaller job and not jump into a career so fast and obtain my bachelors maybe even my masters in film, which is the area I?ve always been fascinated with. Don?t get stuck at a dead end job and always have a way out. Save money and be responsible. The hardest thing will be turning down a great job offer as opposed to finishing college, stay in college and get your degree. Once your degree has been received then look more into a career. Not all careers lead to a happy life style, but the best thing to do is to sit down and think of what you really want to do such as film making, becoming an editor. I didn?t find that out till my 5th year in my career. Since then its been the hardest thing to get out of but I have finally done it and am now back in college. Don?t let that happen to you.


I would tell myself to carpool much much more and not to worry about making friend, everyone there wants to make friends too! Just speak up in class, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Bottom line college is not that scary.


For the next four years you are going to go through a great amount of work and study all in the pursuit to achieve your dream. You will have some classes you love and you will have some classes you hate, but don't let that discourage you from doing your best and being yourself. You will not like or love everything about the school but just remind yourself that in order to reach your goal you have to face these challenges. In the wake of your journey make sure to crew on as many senior thesis films as you can, it will lead you to new friendships and opportunities that you will benefit for the rest of your life. Make friends with the faculty and staff because they will be there for you too. Also, do your best and be yourself, don't let anyone try to tell you that you can't do it.


Dear Self- Calm down and take a breath. I know you are feeling the stress and pressure of thinking you need to know what you want to do with your life when you are 18. People expect things of you that you aren't doing to be able to deliver on. It's going to be alright though, so don't worry. I want you to know that's it okay to be confused right now. But, most importantly, it's okay to be young. You are going to enduring many years of struggle and hardship, but evenutally, you will prevail and be on a better journey in your life. Just keep you head up and make sure you keep writing. No matter how discouraged you get, always keep that pen and paper handy because it will be your saving grace!