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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college like and making the transition. The advice I would give myself would that it is so much better than the high school life. You have a lot more freedom and it is a mature enviornment. Don't stress about college, sign up for your classes and worry about the money later, look into the different universities that you are interested in like: Univeristy of Oregon, Eastern Oregon University, and Southern Oregon University. You will do great in college. If it gets to be to much, relax, and breath. It will help. Get a job up at the college. It will be easier for you and you get weekends off to work on your homework. Good luck out there! You'll do amazing!


If I had to go back in time and talk to myself about all the things I knew now, I would probably be the happiest person in college. I wish I could go back and be a better high school senior and promise that I would do well and get an outstanding GPA. If I had a good GPA as a high school senior, I would not have to take Reading in college. I would tell myself that everything will be okay and that I would make it out of high school with the best grades in the world. I will try to be the smart and pass all my classes. I will probably take the higher classes in high school and attend college at the same time, which would help me a lot. I would search the internet for all types of good scholarships and to help my college school. My advice for myself would be 'getting a good grade would help me in my future careers'. Everything I did in high school effected me as I am now in college. Now that I have a 3.0 GPA in college, I wish I had it in high school.


If I could talk to myself as a senior I would advise myself in this way : I know that you are confussed and have no idea what you want, and chasing girls maybe fun but , it will not make for a good future. At this stage in your life you have two choices, first go into the navy like you are considering and when you come out you will have more funding for college. The second choice is to jump into college, it will not be as hard as you think and you will be very good at it. In the future you will very good at working with people, especially youth. I know you are affraid and think you can't afford it, but you will do fine. So call several colleges to see what they offer, talk to advisiors, look at course catologs and start with the basics. because you may not be able to aford it, apply for scholarhips, grants, and student loans to make it happen. Trust me you will love college, you know more then you think you do; and the whole world is at your finger tips and you will be GREAT!


Going to college is a huge transition in life. It is really important to take things seriously because your future depends on what you do now. It is important to apply to colleges and universities in advance because chances are that you might not be accepted to a school. If you don't have enough money, you always have an opportunity to apply for scholarships. Even though it might seem stressful to go through all this, never give up because at the end you will thank yourself for what you did. Be involved in your community and show people that you care about them by helping them out. Even though it takes a lot of hard work, you will never regret it because going to college is so worth it. It will change your life for the best.

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