Columbia Southern University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I was so excited to find the program I wanted at a school that would help me find financial aid and succeed. I also like that I get a discount if I come back for graduate work.


I tell my friends, and family members for that matter, that Columbia Southern University is an outstanding online school; I can honestly say that I learned more there than at any other school I previously attended; which by the way were traditional brick and mortar. I loved their fast paced, concentrated courses which are conducted in eight week terms; and though not easy, afforded us the ability to study at our own pace (within a certain time-frame). It also provided us with a wealth of knowledge that was not only practical, but applicable in today’s workforce.


The university has a very flexible schedule that works very well with military veterans and allows a per-course option to allow you to start your course at any time of the year you choose.


I must say that CSU is an awesome school and I always encourage my friends to apply to this school. Their academic programs are phenomenal and the tuition including book cost is very affordable. The teachers are understanding and they will email you once a week as a reminder of what assignment is due along with a study guide. I must say overall CSU is a great school for anyone who wants to work full time while using their knowledge in pursuing their career.