Columbia State Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Columbia State Community College know before they start?


I would tell myself to not be afraid of failure and that failing my classes is not the end of the world. I'd tell myself that the failure I will experience will end up pushing me to do even better in my other classes. I would also tell myself to just give Columbia State a chance, because it deserves at least that much.


If I could talk to myself as a senior in high school I would start by telling myself to get ready for a big change in school. No longer will I be able to make A's and B's without a moment of work outside the classroom. I would let my younger self know that not everything my college friends ask me to do is worth my time. I would warn my younger self of the horrors of catching the flu right before spring break and how real doctors can get things done, unlike the campus health center. I would mainly prepare my younger self to be a more organized little freshman who focusses exponentially more on school and gets a lot more sleep.


Aim high and never settle for anything less than everything. Make more memories than your heart, soul, and mind could possibly contain, for life will never be this way again. Life never gets any easier, nor does it always get "harder"; it simply becomes more complex and difficult in ways unseen. College will change you and your friends in every possible way, just make sure you expect it and enjoy the ride. Maturity is only gained through learning to control your own attitude, no matter the circumstances. You can also raise your maturity level by increasing your urgency for knowledge and taking up a new hobby. Your new urgency to learn will enable you to exceed your teacher's expectations, thus making life a bit easier. Your new hobby will keep you entertained when the money to go out simply does not exist. Seek refuge in exercise, because those endorphins will be crucial to sucess in every part of your life, plus a healthy body partnered with a healthy mind can defeat any unknown source of stress. Make time for friendships, working hard is not the only valuable and honorable aspect of life. Conscienciously be happy every day.


My dream was to go to Savannah College of Art and Design. After visiting the campus and touring the town I knew it was where I belonged. Unfortunatly, my high school self seemed to think I just deserved to go. After figuring out that my parents weren't just going to send me and I actually had to work for it, I still didn't take them seriously. My dreams came crashing down when I finially realized my parents wouldn't put up the money or co-sign a loan for me; I c ouldn't go to SCAD. I ended up going to CSCC to finish my general education requirements and to prove I could take school more seriously. My dream is still to make it to SCAD but I know that I have to work hard to earn that privilege. So to answer the question, I would tell my stubborn, lazy, but otherswise talented, high school self to take advantage of the resources provided, don't take for granted the one on one attention from your teachers, and most importantly, come prepared everyday to class to work hard in order to reach the goals you set for yourself!


If I could of gone back in time for one specific reason, I would of told myself that education matters and that I shouldn't of taken light classes my first semester, because I thought I should of gone easy on myself. I would of told myself that a brain needs to be used constantly for thinking in the terms of knowledge and that I cannot simply be lazy for I would not exceed in the objective of becoming an educator in Petiatrics. I would of told myself that I had no need to major in Journalism my first and second semester for I do not need a degree to write, but I do need a degree to work with children. I would of told myself that I shouldnt of taken the simpleness of life for granted and that I should of worked harder to get my GPA up or get over my test axiety and get a 21 on the ACT to even be eligible for a scholarship. I would of told myself that I should of taken education development in High school and not been in Journalism class to start the Newspaper.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about the future, I would tell myself to take my time and stay focused on the important things. I would not worry about what other people thought about me or give in to what everyone else is doing. I would not sacrifice my studying time for fun times with friends or putting effort into a relationship that would only bring me heartache and pain. The most important aspect in my life would be to focus on getting an education and earning enough income to support my family so that I do not have to worry about how I am going to pay my bills to get through whatever comes my way. I have learned that going to school full time, working full time, and taking care of my son is three jobs combined into a short period of time that demands all of my attention. Finishing school is my dream. I have had to quit twice but I have told myself no more quitting. This is it. I am going all the way to graduation.


If I had the oppurtunity to go back and talk to my high school self, I would tell me not to quit. I took time off because I did not know what I wanted to study or what I wanted to do with my life. I thought if I gave myself time to think about and take time off from school I would be able to figure it out. Here I am 10 years later, married with 2 children struggling to get my degree. I love my family and I would not trade it for the world, but I wish that I had taken advantage of the oppurtunity to continue my education before I had so many other responsibilities. I would tell myself to finish school, get a started with a great career, by a house and then start a family. Life is already hard with me making it harder for myself than I needed to.


I'd tell myself to make more campus visit 's to school that I'd may want to attend, and to apply for every available scholarship.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself in high school, I would tell myself I need to learn to study before entering the college environment. In high school, I never opened a book. So, walking into my first college class and hearing the teacher talk about studying, I laughed to myself and told myself I didn't have to study. However, after taking my first test and seeing the grade I had made, I realized I had to study. Knowing how to study before attending college would have helped me greatly.


It is the year 1991. The tall and free-spirited senior attending Mount Pleasant High is looking forward to graduation in May. There is, however, a joy in knowing that the horrible days of attending classes will soon be coming to an end. It is time for a break! This young lady will take some much needed "time off". There will be time in a year or two to worry about stating all over; college will have to wait. She'll enjoy her freedom, have some fun, and just relax. It is the year 2010. This same girl (now a woman) is in her second semester in college. The "break" after graduating high school was longer than expected. This woman is me. After marriage, children, and numerous "just jobs", I have decided college waited long enough. If it was 1991 again, I would sit down beside that same tall and free-spirited senior and tell her that true freedom would have been to attend college after graduating. True freedom is pursuing education and laying the foundation that will make one's future one of achievement. Don't put off something so important to pursue relaxation and fun.