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It's an Ivy League. What else can I say? I mean, sure, yea, Harvard and Yale are worthy competitors, but c'mon... Cambridge and New Haven (puhleeease) definitely don't measure up to New York City. It's Manhattan!


Columbia University offers a vast amounts of majors, and the staff at the school is willing to help you succeed to no end. They go beyond what most students would ever even dream of having done for them. The campus as well is a sanctuary from the rest of the hustle and bustle of New York City. The lawns are perfect, the buildings have much character, and there is a huge amount of history in every square inch of that campus.


Columbia fosters an atmosphere for the academically inquistive. Never has a school, in my opinion, possessed such an amazing balance between one's education and one's real-world experience. At Columbia, the students thrive, not just survive. This school encourages students to be the best and most promising they can possibly be. Columbia is also in the city of New York, which makes it a constantly evolving nexus in the realms of knowledge, culture, and many other pursuits. There is no way anyone can be unfulfilled at such an enriching school.


The student population was extremely diverse at Columbia. There were a large number of international students as well, which provided a more well rounded and, at the same time, interesting campus life. Columbia also offered classes in the freshman year that gave students a chance to do community projects.


A huge part of why I'm writing this is because Columbia is so frequently compared to Princeton, Yale, and Harvard by my friends. I believe this is because all four schools are basically on the same footing academically (caliber of faculty, rigor of programs, grad school acceptance rates, ect.), but comparing these three to Columbia, you get a wildly different outcome socially. This often really disappoints people, but I believe it can be a wonderful environment for a very particular sort of student and I hope people come here well-informed.


Columbia University provides the option of receiving a second bachelor's after years from receiving my first bachelor's degree.


Columbia is so unique because it's located in one of the greatest cities in the entire world. Because Columbia is located in New York City, a whole neew world of opportunities is available to students, in the form of internships and jobs, cultural exploration, and learning resources. Columbia has great academics on its own, but combined with everything New York City has to offer, the learning that can take place is incredible. Aside from this, simply living in New York City is an amazing experience, and what better time to do it than during your college years?


The opportunity to study among world-class intellectuals, and share ideas and concepts as peers with these scholars.


A combination of multiple elements : location (New York), teachers (among the best), diversity of people, atmosphere, happiness.


Columbia University is the mecca of this diverse metropolis that is New York City.


It offered a strong engineering and science-related curriculum surrounded by an academically diverse university. It is in an urban environment, offering a broad array of off-campus resources.




Columbia University offers a wide diversity of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, far surpassing any other college. Located in New York City, the history and culture pouring out from the city and it's people allows all students to gain a truly unique experience.


New York City


The Core Curriculum-- our liberal arts-focused education. We have to take our major courses as well, but there is something to be said about a school that wants its students to be well-versed about history, music, philosophy, the sciences, etc. It's not always something we enjoy (especially when it comes time to choose classes and fulfilling requirements), but looking back, I am extremely glad and proud that I survived Columbia's core.


The diversity, the urban location, the prestigious reputation, the access to internships in the city, the rigorous academic level.


Columbia will challenge you, but you'll probably be better off for the experience. Make friends, work hard, keep your head up and enjoy the experience of living in what feels like the center of the world.


At Columbia, you feel a big push to make a lot of money some day and go into business, law, or medicine. If you're more interested in the arts or know that you don't want to do those things, Columbia may not be the best place for you, though it has great programs in everything. I love Columbia, and I wouldn't want to attend any other school.


What else can I say? I love Columbia and cannot imagine myself anywhere else. It's the greatest.


Advising here is mediocre. Professors are very helpful in making up for this (just go to office hours), but it helps if you're motivated and a self-starter. Columbia offers amazing resources and places them at your finger tips--but it's still up to you to make us of them. Bottom line: Columbia is uniquely wonderful, but you can't try to make it something it's not. The academics are superb (but make sure you're interested in taking the Core); the campus is beautiful and buzzing with activity (but make sure you don't want rural solitude); the other students are some of the best people you'll ever meet (but make sure you don't want to go to a spirited jock school--and be prepared to deal with a few blowhards and people of questionable intelligence who somehow got in--unfortunately, you'll find some of these types at any top school); and the location is second to none. Personally, Columbia is the perfect school for me, and I love that I'm getting a rigorous Ivy League education in the most exciting city in the world.


One of the most important things I've done here is take Columbia's Mixology Class. It's a couple hundred bucks, but it's a grand investment. Six weeks, six nights, one hour of instruction, followed by an hour of snacking, talking, and hands-on experimentation with a full bar. On the sixth week, you take a test: half written exam, half practical exam. Best of all, if you study hard (enjoy yourself) and pay attention (drink what you make), you have the chance to join the Columbia Bartending Agency and put what you know to use around New York City. It's easily the best part of going to Columbia.


For a great college experience look elsewhere. For a great name, go for it (if you can't get into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT)


not really!


I love Columbia!


Alpha Chi Omega


i do not regret getting the columbia experience


sorority 3


1 axo


With all that said, I love Columbia and could not wish for a better school. There are some negative aspects, but the good definitely outweighs the bad. :) Some advice: be prepared for a heavy workload. But.. it is definitely manageable if you are organized and stay on top of things!


The Greek organizations at Columbia: a rose is a rose is a rose






Coming here I did not know how well I would do in the City. It has by far been the best part about Columbia. The internship opportunities, the social experience and the cultural environment are above and beyond any other experience out there.


The dating scene needs some improvement. Men need to step it up and learn how to respect women.


4 (SDT)


greek life needs to be revived, desperately. it affects prospective students. People are constantly saying there's no social life and many people have thought of transferring altogether.


I feel like I have covered most of it in my rants above. All I have left is the athletes here have the egos of professionals with the talents of amateurs and it is really obnoxious and annoying. This being said I am a former athlete so I am not just saying that with no clout. I do not have respect for a lot of the athletes as they seem to walk around with a stigma that they are better than everyone yet their records say the opposite. Between football and volleyball they have zero wins in they ivy at all this past year and they are two of the snottier teams. I don't appreciate the way I am looked down upon. However, despite all my bashing on this school, I personally have had a great time, I just don't like being or seeing people subject to the cruelty of other students and the ridiculous demands of teachers.


Yay Columbia?




Chapter number 1 is amazing and full of really incredible women. Greek life and chapter 1 are great and an amazing part of Columbia.


Sorority number three.


3-Kappa Alpha Theta


Columbia is fantastic. Sorority 3 (Kappa Alpha Theta)


Great academics, however a lot of times I feel like I have to fight an uphill battle with all the administration on just about everything.


That's all...


All in all.... I love Columbia and am proud to say I go there.


I didn't like columbia at first, but now I do though I wish engineers practically had to choose their major their fall of freshman year with no experience.


i love my school and it is really a one of a kind experience


Columbia really isn't for people who wait for things to happen. You really need to be proactive if you want to seek out something fun.


I love Columbia!!! The only downside is the bureaucracy that often makes things difficult--there's a lot of red tape to cut through if you want to get things done when it comes to administrative issues. Other than that, it's wonderful here.

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