Columbia University in the City of New York Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


- independent - social - goal-oriented Columbia and New York are places that you have to be very independent and think for yourself in order to survive. No one here is going to hold your hand and guide you through each step: choosing your program, applying to jobs and internships, and making friends. On the other hand, no where else will you find so many opportunities as in New York. Only here can you attend a global university, do research with a nobel laureate, and land a coveted internship at the same time.


Well, someone who is dedicated to academics, that is for sure. Party people? Don't bother applying to Columbia University. You won't have the time or sanity to allot to anything other than finishing your massive amounts of homework that will inevitably be assigned.


A person who is enthusiastic about immersing themselves in the culture of all the dignatories that have come before them and take inspiration from them to achieve higher and to improve their current standing substantially, in terms of culture, academics, free thought and encouragement to move outside of their usual comfort zone and think outside of the box to generate new ideas, new ways of thinking, to find unique solutions and delve deeper and deeper into their own passions or subjects. Columbia will encourage you to achieve to the best of your potential and provide you with everything you need.


Someone who is proactive and independent. The administration is a bureaucratic hellhole, so they will not help you with anything - you have to be able to help yourself. There are resources out there, but you have to go get them.




Someone outgoing, not a hermit.


Someone who ia academically motivated, and looking for a city environment with a relatively small and friendly student body.


self motivated


Independent people who can fend for themselves.


academically focused but wants to explore city life and have access to a variety of social activities. willing to accept a school that is not heavy on school spirit. one who is very willing to step off campus and take advantage of the best location for a college in the world.


Willling to experience diverse environments and people; motivated and with a desire to learn; likes living in a city and looking forward to taking advantage of the culture that NYC has to offer.


People who are self-motivated and love to learn, but who also have a life outside of school. In other words: the cool geeks.

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