Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


CCAD expects nothing but the best and will push you to be the best artist you are able to be.


The best thing that ever happened to me.


Home to some who are the future of the art and design world in a city just big enough to prepare those who have the desire to live in a bigger city for what they will be in for.


CCAD is upbeat, lively, and always improving to help make the experience for the students fullfilling and memorable in the best way possible.


Columbus College of Art & Design is an intensive workload art school that in return provides their graduates with unparalleled skill and work ethic which will surely put them ahead in the visual art world.


CCAD is the greatest thing I have ever experienced in my 20 years of existence.


A small art school that focuses on hard work, fun, and creativitiy.


CCAD is a great school for those with talent wishing to refine their skills, and those wanting to just learn how to create art and present it in a way that's both useful and aesthetically pleasing to everyone.


One "fine art" community.


An explosion of talent wrapped in a crust of endless oppurtunities served on an open platter of the downtown area of Columbus to divulge in.


My school is very challenging, time consuming, informative, and accepting.


Columbus College of Art and Design is an enticing and creative environment to learn in.


It takes a lot of work, dedication, desire, and money to attend the Columbus College of Art and Design


It's a really great enviornment in which to learn and work, but can also be very difficult - that is, there is no room for procrastination, because if you procrastinate and produce shoddy work, your grade will really suffer for it, as well as your portfolio, which is your most important tool for finding a job once you graduate.


CCAD is a small focused school that helps you find yourself through your major and also helps you market yourself after college.


Columbus College of Art and Design is a very tough school, but definitely prepares the students for "the real world."


A small college in downtown columbus that focuses on the professional development of young artists in fine arts and design fields.


CCAD is the perfect school for someone who doesn't want a typical, movie-based college experience. This is the college for someone who is artistically driven, ready to go above and beyond to further their artistic abilities and broaden the spectrum of media used to make art. This is not the school for someone who wants to coast through college, this school is for someone who wouldn't be able to do anything else other than art and be happy.


A rigorous school that could be much better than it is because administrators are more concerned with looking good for the community than actually considering students' needs. I'm paying a fortune to school there, they provide absolutely NO supplies and few resources for students, and yet they go and buy 3 huge flatscreen tvs for one of the buildings that do nothing except play commercials for the school?? That's ridiculous.