Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


CCAD is a private art college which has various studies in fine and Commercial Art. There are numerous businesses recruite students from the school after graduation. There are several artist who have risen to fame as Art Directors, Designers and illustrator for The Walt Disney Company, Victoria Secret and The Ford Motor name a few. I feel that they are known for being one of few ,top art academies in the United States. They are well know for the rigorous studies that transform young aspiring artists into well trained and developed professionals in a short amount of time ,


CCAD is best known for its Graphic Design curriculum and Illustration curriculum.


For being the only private art school in the central Ohio area, and one of the most affordable schools in the area. Students interested in and who have an appreciation in art will find the academic fields as broad and being able to maintain a general understanding of a variety of mediums and studies.


My school is best known for its heavy workload and small classes. Most of the teachers at my school graduated from the school, went to get their masters, and came back to teach. Most class sizes are very small and personable. The teachers are very involved in the students in and out of class. The work load is intense but that's what makes students better when they get out in the real world. With good time management, the work load isn't as time consuming.


The Columbus College of Art and Design is best known for producing artists of very high skill in a very high amount. Many allumni have worked for big name corporations, such as Disney, Pixar Studios, Victoria's Secret, and a multitude of other businesses ranging from animation to graphic design. The allumni are very loyal to CCAD and make trips back to CCAD for seminars and events.


I think the repuation my school has is how hard the students work. There is a huge course load and homework. Students work very hard on their homework and create very good work.


The talent of their art students


The School has an excelent foundation year of studies. Your first year offers you the chance to grow in your technical art skills.


The great artists that come from the school.


It is known for it's foundations program in art. It offers most aspects of the basics of art, which in turn are used towards the major you take over the next 3 years. For instence, you'll learn about 3-D art, 2-D art, use of color, basic rules of art. All so that when you decide on a major for Fine Art, Illustration, Industrial Design, etc. you'll have the abilities to make it better then others!


Awesome art!


My school is best known for producing some of the best contemporary artists in the country. We're third in the nation in the Illustration department. We're also known for having an almost impossible amount of work our freshman year, so much that about half of new students drop out before their second year. We may have more work than other schools, but it is only because they give us a realistic work load that most artists have to deal with in the real world. The people that do well in this school are the best of the best.


It is best known for the design and illustration work that comest out of this school.


ART!!! And being involved with the surronding community.