Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


- CCAD students are not all crazy... just some of them. - Fewer people are medicated than not, but most of the prescribed should be taking the meds! - The CCAD community is mostly not gay, but it is an open environment, where gay people are less likely to be singled-out. - CCAD actually does a fantastic job of preparing most of its students for the career world. However, I highly recommend choosing a design degree rather than fine art. You can find ways to incorporate your passions into your designs. If you like sculpture, do fashion design or industrial design. If you like illustration, do graphic design. Just sayin'! - Many students at CCAD would struggle in a traditional collegiate setting b/c they learn differently than other people. The liberal arts courses are modified for CCAD students b/c taking studio and liberal arts courses at the same time is like training for a swim meet and sporadically being told to climb a mountain. Even if you're in peak physical condition, you're not acclimated to that specific sport. - CCAD students are too pretentious too young. But they take pride in what they do, form solid opinions, and work really hard to follow their visions. Granted, it is still a college and there are some losers, druggies, and chumps, but that's not the norm.