Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part about my school, in my opinion, may be the underwhelming amount of extracurricular activites based on my major. I feel as though my major deserves the same level of respect and attention as that found in other disiplines found around campus. We may be the newest artistic disipline here at CCAD but we pack enough heat to deserve a better cut of the pie than we are getting.


I would have to say that the worst thing about CCAD is the work load. I know it's not good to complain about such a thing because in the end it'll make me a better designer, but when each class assigns 3+ hours of drawing a night, it's hard to get everything done in a day span between classes.


I do not think that there is anything bad about this school. I have ont yet attended so therefore i can not answer the question.


The worst thing about the Columbus College of Art and Design is how the foundation year is the same for every major. It is unjust that media studies has to take multiple courses of fine arts, yet the fine artists are not required to try our medium. They should be well rounded as well.


I have to walk for over 20 minutes or take a bus ride for over 30 minutes to get to a store I need


The price is a little extreme but I know why it is necessary.


Price of tuition. Because my family and I are really struggling to pay for it.


The cost of the school is too high in my opinion. My parents are helping me pay for school, and when I was in High School the College told my parents I would get so much financial aid, and portfolio scholarships from them that my tuition would virtually be nothing. That is not the case. I am just hoping that I will graduate when I am supposed to, I was barely able to sign up for classes next semester.


Not enough time here


The worst part about CCAD is the attendance policy. I was very sick, but not hospitalized. I had teachers allow me to leave early seeing how sick i was, but knowing i had the be there for attendence policy. I could have got the work done, but missed class. The policy is great in that when you get your degree you can be proud and the employer knows you did the work, and i dont think it should be changed, but my excused absenses from the doctor should not have been used as regular missed classes so i could rest.


Projects can strech out to the point of vexation. The time is needed but some times the teachers should push the students more.