Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you want to better your artwork and don't mind the hard work that you have to put in; you're good to go. Also, if you don't mind being in debt forever.


An artsy, determined, hopeful, and generally happy person should attend CCAD. If you aren't willing to work very hard, you will hate it here. The students are all very hard working and know what they want out of this school.


Someone who is open to change and to other people. Everyone at an art school is already their own unique, special brand of person. You not only have to have a creative and open mind for art, but also to everyone around you. You would be surprised to find that art isn't the only thing that could inspire you, but the different people you meet here will be enough to inspire you to let go and become your own person as well. Everyone here is do wierd and unique that it makes it easier for others to open up.


Someone artistic who wants a career in the arts or media. They have to have an appreciation for the arts and a will to learn and grow more than they would have imagined. Someone who knows what they want and are willing to work for it. Their work would pay off and success is sure to come to them if they know where to look. They will be exposed to all sorts of diversities and differences in people and learning/teaching styles. Someone who wants to dip his/her foot into the artistic community and be taken seriously.


Artistically students would be exposed to new thoughts. Students will receive training, criticism, and insight from an eclectic mix of teachers who will support their goals allowing them to grow. The city of Columbus has a lot to offer those in pursuit of a higher education and is filled with affordable student housing and public transportation. CCAD does not only offer an education but a sense of community.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is artistic, creative, and serious about their education. A lot of a student's time is required for homework and classes so much or possibly all of the student's freetime and social life will be replaced with school related activities. With that said, the person should be willing to make sacrafices in order to succeed in this school. Certain grades have to be maintained in order to stay so the students have to be very focused and hard working.


Someone who is gifted in visual art such as fine arts, fashion design, industrial design, interior design, media studie, and illusration


An artistic, design capable, driven, dedicated, hard-working, competitive, and open-minded person should attend this school.


You should only attend this school if you are ready to work. The course load at CCAD in intense. The amount of work can be scary, but it makes you a better artist in the end.


Artistic, socially unexperienced, hardworking


Someone who is not afraid of a challenge and to work hard. Failure rate is high, as is the drop out rate. However once succeeded in graduating, you will more knowledge then thought possible.