Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Those that are easily frustrated, stuck in their ways, and/or can not take constructive criticism. The environment at CCAD is helpful and friendly, but some students can't handle people trying to give guidance on their artwork. "The eye should be fixed in this and that way", for example, and the student throws a fit. No good.


The type of person that should not come to this school is an irresponsible one. Despite the fact that CCAD is an art specialty school that does not mean that anyone with a talent for art should apply.


Someone extremely conservative, close minded and non artistic/creative


I do not think that there is any kind of student that should not attend this school. It is a great school, but i would say that if you are a person that is not intersted in art: design, fashion, sculpture, painting, or drawing, then this school is not for you. Art students have to be icredibly diciplined and hard working!


The type of people that should not attend this school would be anyone who is very conservative. Also a person who has no interest or knowledge in the artistic field would not achieve much here.


The Columbus College of Art and Design looks down upon those who are not open-minded individuals. In order to be a well-rounded artist in any field, one must be open to new ideas and techniques. If one tries to enter this school without an open mind, they will not last long during class critiques and when given advice. The fail rate at CCAD is high, and usually a big percentage of the students who drop are those who are not willing to learn outside of their boxes.


Some one who dosent mind staying up all night to finish a project or two. One that dosnt mind hard work, and lots of push to be creative. A student there needs to b able to think things throgh thorraly and plan well for classes, and projects giving his/her self plenty time to compleat tasks. Also the winter can be a bit harsh. But you just have to be prepaired and not under estimate it (this is your WarninG) lol.


people who are close minded and don't appreciate learning from others to make great art.


A person who does not love art or making art definitely should not come here.


Someone whoes lazy and dont know what they want to do with their life.