Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


They should keep some of the labs open later. The illustration lab could use some love. Better map. Where is the POD? STOP PARKING IN THE SCHOOL'S [VERY LIMITED] PARKING SPOT, MARKET SHOPPERS. I AM LATE FOR MY CLASS AS IT IS. Why is day pass parking 100 and night pass is like 600 for a total of a 3 hour difference????


The work load during the week, on the weekends it's easy to finish everything but having one day to do homework during the week is stressful


The most frustrating thing about CCAD is the requirement to take some classes that have nothing to do with your major and barely getting into major-specific classes within your first year.


It has great ambitions, but is hopelessly misdirected in the newer world of art and technology.


No parking available and if you want a car pass it costs over $600 to get a permit.


The work load.


Art materials are expensive.


The work load is very intense , and does not allow for time to explore different ways of creating. It is very methodical


freshman year work load. after you make it through that it is a little smoother


That beyond homework you won't have too much of a life. Also if you live near campus and don't have a car it sucks a lot because there's not many places to shop for what you need nearby.


Freshman year students live in the dorm and develop bonds with other students, but after that year, we're sort of tossed out and let loose, on our own to cope with living on your own suddenly, as well as continue doing ridiculous amounts of schoolwork.


Currently, the frustration is the construction going on to provide more on campus dorms. Otherwise, I'm personally not frustrated with CCAD.