Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I did not know where to apply for additional scholarship funds when you do not qualify for grants or you are limited in Federal loans you could receive.


How difficult it would be to pay for all four years. I'm going to graduate with a lot of debt that's not going to be easy to pay off. I wish I' d have known that I wouldn't be getting as much financial aid from the school the next three years as I did my freshman year. I would have saved up more, worked more summer jobs, and been more frugal with my spending.


I wish to know about the cost of art supplies were needed. I wish to know about we had to followed professors' way in techniques of art. I didn't realized about how much homework were given and I thought it just basic alike high school levels but it wasn't. I wish to tour around about all of different majors that I can choose for future career. This school is really amazing for us to have a lot of challenges and learning skills to have social, communicate, and team work together. It has a lot of practice for us.


I wish that I knew how much harder it would be. In high school I flew through the classes without trying, but at CCAD I was actually challenged. Which is I good thing because the finished work comes out much better and it means more. I also would like to have worked with a few adobe programs beforehand. CCAD professors help as much as possible, but sometimes I still feel a little behind the curve because of my lack of experience.


Absolutely nothin! I have enjod my learning expereince here at CCAD


Nothing; I was pretty well-informed of how school would be.


I wish that I had known that procrastination in this school will get me no where.


i wish i had known more about the suroundings of CCAD. Things like available shops.


How difficult and expensive it was and how small and secluted