Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The thing about my school is studying in a field I am passionate about. I love art. I love making art. And I love leaerning and studying in a field I am passionate about.


The students. Hands down the students. Although there are a few outliers, the student body is incredibly friendly and willing to help other students. They give advice, they give and take criticism, and they're willing to tell you the harder truths of what's flawed in a piece you've made. These students make for a good environment and a creative, collabrative atmosphere. I've never felt like an outcast because they're willing to include everyone.


It is a very small and friendly community, one I prefer way more over a larger university like OSU. The community knows each other, you see the same people around campus and you're never afraid to start conversation with somebody even if they're a complete stranger. Everybody is very supportive and encouraging and I sense not a lot of hostility between acquantences.


I think that CCAD's location and the facilities are fantastic. Downtown Columbus is an urban city just like New York or L.A., just on a smaller scale. I feel it is a good middle ground for those who plan to move forward to a much larger place. I am a fashion deign student and I think that our facilities, tables, sewing machines, etc. are awesome.


The best thing that I consider at CCAD is the accomodation you are given for your hard work. What I mean by that is, the professors who see you pushing yourself and working hard provide you with additional opportunities and feedback, allowing you to further grow as both an artist and as a person. Additionally, the friendships that are gained are hardly superficial, as they allow students to give feedback to one another, and even help them in their careers in the future.


The overall environment is very accepting to everyone and anyone and is willing to tend to the creative needs of it's students. Everyone here is willing and ready to create at this school, and it is wonderful to see how excited they are to help and inspire everyone else around them, too. I became instantly inspired to draw and jump right into the art scene full-time once I met a lot of the students here at CCAD. Everyone here only wants you to better yourself and continue to make art.


The students have a lot in common with one another, but still maintain their individuality. The students and faculty are passionate about their studies and interests, which brings them together while maintaining a diversity in the student body as a whole.


The faculty is by far the most valuable aspect to this school, which in my opinion should be the number one selling point to picking a college. In my experience, with the exception of literally a few teachers, the professors are deeply concerned with the well-being of their students. They go above and beyond what is to be expected in order to help the students with their life during and after college. Many students here develop personal relationships with at least one faculty member due to the small size of the school.


I believe that the best thing about my school is the creative atmosphere that it has. With so many artistically talented and creative individuals, it opens up my mind to how I can grow as an individual and as an artist.


We are all aspiring young artists who thrive on each other by helping out the best we can giving advice were it needs so we can make it out in the art world. We get inspiried by the slightest of things and by the people around us. It's a small school of 300 and most of us know each other and are really close. Most of us came from either being very outgoing and forward or that shy person in the corner. We accept everyone and all those inbetween.


The best thing about the Columbus College of Art and Design is the education provided to students. Within a month I was experiencing drastic changes in my abilities as an artist and felt incredibly motivated to keep going.


CCAD is located in and surrounded by a great community for artists. The school strongly encourages getting to know the community and developing connections to other artists and art programs aside from the college. Furthermore, the school stresses the issue of sustainability and encourages students to discover and utilise new ways to be eco-friendly in art work and other aspects of their lives. The tough course work provided by the college pushes the students to strive for great academic and artistic accomplishments. Vigirous nature of the work prepares students for the competitive industry of art and design.


The greatest thing is the professional atmosphere with strong connections to everyone surrounding you. There is not a single person at CCAD i don't feel comfortable with. The classrooms are very encouraging and often inspire me to work in a way that makes me ecstatic about my artwork.


If you're going into an art-related field, CCAD has plenty of resources to guide you, especially the astounding faculty.


I feel like I am becoming the woman, and designer that I have always dreamt to become.


Lots of opportunities, diverse classes, etc. Teachers are always trying to get us to be our best and constantly encouraging us, and bringing in guest speakers.


The freedom of crativity! CCAD is an art school so this is to be exspected of it, but CCAD dose a grate job of making sure while teaching they dont step on or drain your crative juices. its an ideal place to better your art skills without loseing your artistic idenity .


The best thing about CCAD is its complete focus on art. Students who come here emerse themself in the art world and are put in a creative environment that pushes them to grow and expand as an artist.


The best thing about my school would be being able to be yourself and study art


the best thing about CCAD is the student to teacher ratios and relationships.


Lots of cool different classes to take. Too many classes, too little time!


The best thing about CCAD is simply the fact that it is a great enviroment for learning and that we all can get along and grow off of each other. I don't think I would be in the position of life I am in right not without the artistic motivation from my fellow students and the faculty and I value that time we spend together. We all grow as artists together and that is what I believe is the best thing about CCAD.