Columbus State Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The one where everybody leaves class and goes home without making any eye contact or even saying hello.


Affordable classes taught by industry professionals in a fully equipped facility that provides varied learning opportunities to fit anyone’s schedule and lifestyle.


In my opinion, CSCC is best known for its specialty of teaching languages, especially English for whoever learns it as a second language. To be more specific, I used to scare English writing, for the pressure from over-expectation of superior polishment from high school teachers. Yet, my instructor in CSCC, who tutors me composition, arouses my interest in writing through relaxing ways. For instance, she taught us brainstorming through drawing and talking. Thus when I'm writing an essay now, I feel I'm expressing myself rather than loading some fancy phrases.


Columbus State is know for their small classes, the school is not that expensive starting out. The advisors make sure that the student does not take too many classes in the beginning. Starting out they want you to take baby steps which means that students have to take developement classes just to get started then take a step ahead into the harder courses. Columbus State is just know for the laid back campus that is not too busy or too crowded it's a start that students want or need right after high school.


It is best known for the high transfer rates.


My school is known for having the most excellent transferring programs and easy-going courses that many people would find very helpful. The instructors at my college are all wonderful kind people who dedicate their hard work, time into making our dreams come true and to guide us into the right direction of our promising careers. My school has several prgrams to choose from for a price that would make any on-a-budget student rejoice with happiness. My college is known for helping students reach their goals and strive to push their students to the max to be successful.


CSCC is a fabulous institution, determined to meet the needs of every student. Offering a wide range of courses 6 days a week, at multiple sites, to a variety of people, CSCC strives to provide people from all walks of life the educational experience they are seeking.


Columbus state is best known for the higest amount of students graduating with associates degrees in the Central Ohio area. They are also known for their comparably less expensive tution costs per credit hour as well as the flexiable and various course schedules they provide for working adults, students, and professionals.


I would say my school is best known for being in the center of Columbus. Columbus State is a very popular community college that is fastly growing. I think this school is really just known for being a successful community college that gives many people in the community a greater opportunity for a higher education.


My school is best known for being a 2-year college.


Columbus State Community College is best known for its Career and Technical program division, which offers two year career programs in more than fify-five areas of business, health, public service, human service, and engineering technologies.


Flexability. Many classes are offered online so many students with families and full time jobs have a easier time doing their classwork through home or work. Also as mentioned above, how inexpensive the classes are. After obtaining a two year degree, a student is able to transfer.

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