Columbus State Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


In most part I brag about the amount of money I save and that fact that I am not forced to stay in the dorms.


I brag about how I'm saving money. The price of Columbus State versus a state school is substantially less expensive. I also brag about how because of the decreased cost of tuition, I am able to explore more subjects and to try to figure out what I essentially want to do with my life.


I brag that it is never too late to go to college and I'm living proof.


The amount of attention professors give each individual student.


When I talk to my friends about my school, I usually brag that I can take classes whenever I want and when I don't want to take sit-in classes, I can take them online. It is very convenient, especially for people that have jobs. Classes are a 8 week class, so you learn a lot in a short amount of time.


The classes are small and the teachers are great. In the event you get a bad teacher there is a student class survey near the end of the quarter that is handed out to the students to fill out and give their opinion. Also there are usally many offerings of the same class if it is a core class and there are online and hybrid options to fit any schedule. Finally the cost is the lowest in the area if not the whole state so I can actually afford to go to school.


the number one thing that i brag about to my friends about school is how i always keep my grades up and how it is important that everybody has there education. Without education nobody will go any where in life. I always brag about how i always recieve a's on my homework on my report card and most importantly on my test scores. I always brag about how if i achieve going to college and getting good grades i can achieve anything in life.


I personally don't brag about anything to my friends, and I try to remain humble as possible.


There's a variety of majors at Columbus State. You can start without, then gain direction as you go, there is tutoring, ith listed times on the school's website, the teachers are pretty cool and down to earth, and the food is great in the huge cafeteria. They even have an gym to work out in. They also have sports and skill teams, like chess tournaments, and swimming, and pilates, and aerobics- for a credit or 2! It's awesome. And way cheaper than the larger colleges in the area


I brag mostly about the type of programs the school offers with a great support system for students that need assistance to get them through college.


I tell them that i attend school only on tuesdays. i am going to school full time and that financial aid is covering most of my fees. i tell them that my program is a great program to be part of.


The tuition is what I can afford! Also all of my professors have been very helpful and have taught me well.


How well the teachers work with you


When I talk about my school with my friends, I generally like to tell them about the quality of the lessons and the hands on experiences that I am receiving. I also tell them about my professors and how they really are trying to help prepare us for our careers when we are finished with school.


I do not brag much about Columbus State but if I were to do so I would say their tuition is more affordable and their education is the same compared to other colleges. Also, it is much easier to find your way around a smaller campus.


My school is small and allows teachers to spend more time with their students so they understand the material better. The campus is less crowded so students feel more comfortable in thier surroundings as well. It is also not as expensive as many other colleges but still obtaining a great education at the same time.

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