Columbus State University Top Questions

Describe how Columbus State University looks to someone who's never seen it.


Columbus State University is a small college in Georgia's second largest city with a large student body that is generally friendly and content with the aspects of each individual's education.


CSU is a medium-sized university that provides opportunities to many types of students, including, but not limited to, those majoring in nursing, the arts, and engineering.


I think it's a good school. I mean, at the moment I can't think of anything to complain about.


Columbus State is an extremely diverse and big campus.


Columbus State is comfortable and cool, easy to get around, and has a good number of cosy study places where I like to fall asleep.


Columbus State University is a diverse education facility with opportunities in science and math fields to the arts such as music an theatre. The main campus hosts a delicious buffet style caffeteria that is worth the trip if you live on the dorms in the downtown area such as students like myself. This campus is known as RiverPark located conviently next to the music, theatre, and art complexes and also right in the heart of Uptown Columbus where there is a constant day and night life. With a campus like this, a good time is always at hand.


Creative and fun; a safe place to grow, be accepted, and learn as a person.


My school is very diverse witth many different types of people and great dorms.


Columbus State is a growing university full of opportunity. The school has a friendly, local atmosphere, yet you still get the advantage of a campus in a relatively large city. Many degree programs here excel over others, depending on what you choose. The music program is rigorous and demanding; one of the best in the state and nation. The university's education department has yielded many wonderful educators, along with quite a few other prestigous college graduates. This school is by far not perfect, but for the price and quality of education it's worthwhile to at least check out.


My university is an accademically focussed, relatively pressure-free environment, which encourages its students ot graduate successfully in whatever time it may take them, with a clear career in front of them.