Columbus State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are down to earth. When i first came to Columbus State University i did not know exactly where to go and also that the work was harder than the last college i went to. Some classmates took the time out to help me understand what we had to do and what the teacher was talking about exactly. The are great people and i am thankful for them.


My classmates are very bright and i have gotten to know many of them. We try to work together to help eachother. I believe most of my classmates are comming to college to get a degree.


My classmates are all varying. Depending on the class, students range from extremely quiet and shy to outgoing and lively. It all depends on what classes I'm in. One thing is for sure, though, my classmates are mostly all friendly and quick to make classroom relationships.


Columbus State University holds a broad range of students from many backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles. Living in the south, many of my classmates lean towards being more conservative and focused on school, whereas some have rebelled against their upbringing and are more socially driven or liberal.


My classmates are often motivated to help motivate each other, as we are all new to the college life and are all trying to avoid getting side tracked by the parties and simply want to help each other and ourselves pass the classes.


My classmates were a mixture of people who wanted to be there and others who did not.


The campus of Columbus State University has a place for everyone. We have many traditional students from the Atlanta and Columbus area, as well as a diverse group of international students who call CSU home, but there are many non-traditional students who are coming back to complete degrees. Also, Fort Benning is located in Columbus and CSU is proud of the large student population of soldiers and veterans on campus.




The best group of people that I have ever worked with. It is so refreshing to be around so many smart, creative, hard working people. It really pushes you to do better and creates the kind of environment that one can succeed in.


My classmates are scattered brained.


The classmates at this university are very diverse.


Mostly everybody is friendly, and when help is needed most are willing to assist!


My classmates are interactive, helping and willing to help when lacking or falling behind in some of the work given in class.


My classmates are students who are eager to learn and do not play around when it comes to gaining knowledge about the field they are pursuing a degree in.




My classmates are a great hodgepodge of students from all different aspects of life; all with diffrent majors and goals that they are trying to fulfull.


Most of my classmates were friendly and fun, even if they weren't always completely focused on the work that I preferred to focus on.


We have a diverse classroom of students, from extremely religious to liberal, and heavy partiers to loners, it is a good combination when conversations and class discussions come up. It also seems that we have all social economic classes included as well.


Communication majors are awesome, personable, and giving people; having classes with them is entertaining and educational, because nowhere else can we take a test together and all pull together so that we make a good grade on a test.


I would describe most of my classmates as slackers because not all of the apply themeselves to the fullest.


My classmates are very different, they come from various ethnic backgrounds and religious backgrounds. They are helpful, friendly, and always a surprise. You never know what to expect because everyone is so different.


Rarely talk to my class mates.


No one person is the same.


My classmates are intelligent, outspoken individuals.