Columbus State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Columbus state university is best known for their online courses


All of the Study Abroad opprotunities


My school is known for getting everyone the right amount of help i norder to achive their overall life goals. They are constanly engaging everyone in new activies and making sure you are happy and successful.


Columbus State is best known for two major areas. Business and education degrees. We have an exceptional school of business partnered with local major business like CB&T and Synovus Financial, of whom the dean of the school of business sits on. Columbus State also produced over half of the teachers for the city?s public education system, of 32,000 plus students.


Honestly, I have not a clue as to what our school is best known for. I would like to say the Schwob School of Music, but I may be wrong.


Columbus State University is best known for its academics


CSU is best known for is Music school downtown, because it's the largest in the US, and there is a very diverse campus.


I have no idea.


It is best known for its business, nursing, and education fields.


My school is best known for its Business school. It is an excellent program. It is also known for its basketball and softball teams.


There is a great art, drama, and music program. My school is also known for it's education and masters in education program.


The education program, and also how inexpensive it is.


It's best known for its status in the community; most people that go to CSU wind up stayign and working locally.


A school to attend for prerequisite in order to attend bigger schools like University of Georgia and Auburn University. The school is also known for it's competetive nursing program.


I have no idea what this school is best known for. I guess it would be if you live in Columbus, GA and you don't want to or can not commute to Atlanta and go to college there, you go here.