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I feel the most unigue thing about Columbus state university is the way of living here meaning the dorm rooms are completely set up as if you and your roommates are living in an apartment. Even the way someone who has their own room has to where they have their own apartment or even a loft style apartment but its still a dorm room. There is also multiple campuses specified for a certain degree that you are trying to aquire.


I think what makes Columbus State University so unique is how important the fine arts (especially theatre) are. I'm not saying that the adcademic majors are unimportant, but you don't hear as much about those programs as you do the ones downtown (that may also be because there are two separate campuses). The fact that the Fine Arts majors live in the downtown historic Columbus area is excellent, especially since the RiverCenter and the RiverWalk are within walking distance.


Columbus State is unique because of the diversity of learning and interaction among social groups. When you walk into the student center you can always find a new friend or coworker to enjoy conversation with. Everyone here is friendly and get along from my point of view. I have never once felt out of place or isolated.


One thing that is unique about Columbus State University is that many students who go there grew up in or near Columbus, GA. It is local to me and more affordable than many schools. I would see people everyday on campus that I grew up with or went to high school with. It is also in a good part of the city where there is access to public transportation and off-campus entertainment and shopping.


Our Riverpark campus is the most unique thing about us.


Columbus State has a diverse campus and is also constantly working on ways to grow the campus. The recreation center is new and offer classes daily for group excersizing. Not only that but the cafe has a lot of options everyday for people with all types of diets. I love the freedom tha tthe students have on campus as well!


Columbus State has the Schwob School of Music, which is what really made it stand out from other schools. It has a typical Main Campus for regular majors, and then it has Riverpark Campus which is for all of the Arts majors. It has a wonderful music program, which is why I chose Columbus in the first place.


It offers oppurtunities to succeed as a college student


My school is unique in the fact it is just the right size, faculty and students are socially diverse, and there is a club or organization for everyone.


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