Columbus State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Columbus State University?


I brag about the wonderful events that all of the organizations have. I always tell people about how big community involvement is and how we are always giving back. I also tell people that although it can be academically challenging sometimes it helps you with growth.


I tell people that CSU is a good school if you want to get the full college life experience and be close to home. Columbus State is college but it is not overwhelming. It can challenge you to become an adult and be responsible and it is a safe campus.


My favorite things to tell people about csu are the awesome new rec center with a rock wall and jacuzee, the most amazing bagel place ever, and the heavenly comfortable beanbag chairs in the library.


The apartment style dorms.


love it....exciting and challenging...I'm learning a lot.


I always tell my friends of the spacious dorms that I occupy here at the RiverPark dorms at CSU. With a full kitchen, commons room and bathroom in each of the apartments, a simple yet spacious living experience is ensured. Also, I tease about how I don't have to keep a stash of quarters for laundry but for the vending machines instead since it is free! Pretty much anything that I brag about the most is about the living accomidations and I even take pictures to send to them! Oh, and did I mention that parking is also free? ; ]


I mostly brag about the different theatre classes that I've been taking, specifically the professors. Each theatre professor has one area of study that they teach, unlike some teachers who may teach English and Computer Science. For example, my costume instructor teaches costume construction and stage make up. That's all he teaches. Therefore, he knows the material inside and out, backward and forward. If I have a question about costuming, there's no confusion of which teacher would answer it the best. I know to go to the professor that knows answers to nothing but costuming questions.


I brag about how many different clubs and groups there are at my school. It's a great way to get everyone involved.


I don't think i brag about something.


the science program because that's what i'm in and like it, but it needs some improvments