Columbus State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I wish someone would have told me that freshman year roommates aren't going to be/supposed to be your best friend. Take it slow. Make sure to put your lasting comfort ahead of the urge to please your roommate.


There are not many negatives at CSU just many concerns. I think that the finacial aid does not give you many offers so I'm having to reach out to something different. I say this because for me to complete my degree in Pre-Pharmacy I will have to take many classes and will be very expensive. I am currently living in the dorms and the maintence is slow. I do understand there are so many residents with problems but we pay so much money to live in the dorms so its stressful at times to understand.


The worst thing would be that we only have three restaurants and as students we get tired of eating the same thing.


I guess the worst thing about my school is that sometimes the classes are mostly just lectures


The worst thing about my school is if there is not anything to do on campus, you will most likely have to spend money which is scarce to a college student. Almost every weekend there is a party but no one should party every weekend. In conclusion, campus can get boring sometime.


The actual city of Columbus isn't that big so if you dont have a car you won't be doing much.


the school is very hard to get in contact with and the website is always down or malfunctioning. they also didn't help very much with registering for classes.


The worst thing about Columbus State University is the parking. The parking lots on campus makes the distance to each class seem farther


Not enough smaller classes. Smaller classes give a chance to be more sociable with your fellow students and professors.


what I considers to be the worst thing about my school is the fact that the school bookstore do not post the required textbook for the next semester on time. Even though they are in contract with the city's bookstores, it would still be good to know the books needed for the next term in order to narrow down what is needed and budget whatever is needed for the semester so as not to pay or buy the required textbooks late.


Communication between President of school to students


I enjoy being a student at Columbus State. It is a great school and there is nothing I can say that is bad about it.


The worst thing about my school is not enough variety of foods offered in the cafeteria. We have the same food every week or two. Also we are given a certain amount of cougar cash that can be spent at only a few places, so there isn't alot of places to spend money on campus to get a variety of foods if you don't want what the cafeteria has.


Small town.


Faculty/staff are not helpful at all when you need advice/assistance about your academic career.


My experiences with the financial aid office.


I would have to say the worst thing at this school is the fiancial aide department. It doesnt help a person get the financial help they need, rather they tell you what paperwork you need to turn in and then all you can do is hope everything works out. Even then unless you have HOPE or another type of scholarship, it is difficult to get the financial aide you need.


The finacial Aid Office is awful. I am always refunded for things that I shouldnt be charged for. We have been charged money for a parking deck that isn't near ANY of the classes so no one parks in it. It was a waste of our money and the parking is still really bad. Also available classes. They offer a lot of freshmen classes and once you get in upperlevels there could be a 30 person class at a late time that 60 people want, but 12 lower level classes that a 100 freshman want.