Columbus State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


At Columbus State we normally have two major stereo types. We have the music majors which majority of the people i have spoken with on campus have agreed they are up on a very high "soap box" and tend to stay away from main campus as much as possible. We also have the Greek stereotype which most are a great group of fun and active people.


Columbus State University is a melting pot that welcomes students from all backgrounds, social groups, and lifestyles. In truth, there is no defined stereotype of a CSU student because everyone has a place on our campus. CSU has a main campus and a fine arts campus that offers opportunities for everyone from an early childhood education major to a biology major to a music performance major. If you ask me, the common stereotype of a CSU student is staring back at YOU in the mirror!




Columbus State University has a diverse group of students. There really is a place for everyone to fit in with! There are jocks, frats, campus nerds, international, drama, singing, religious, musicians, servant leaders, and clubs for any and every person!