Columbus State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Columbus State University?


CSU has a extremely nice and successful School of the Arts. Someone interested in music, art, or theatre would truly thrive in this school.


CSU is a good school for commuter and older students. I was not a traditional undergrad student but I did not feel out of place amongst a sea of 18 year olds. A wide range of ages were represented in the student population. The scheduling options for class times also work really well with students who are both working full time and attending school full time.


If anyone is at all interested in a school where the classes are small and the faculty is incredibly useful, they shoudl apply her. Even though, at times, it seems that CSU isn't up with the times, they try their best to accomodate everyone. They actually do an amazing job at it too.


A person who is independent and very serious about their studies would be a perfect fit for this school. There are not a lot of rules and students have a lot of free reign as far as organizing events and hanging out on campus. Not only that but I believe CSU is a great school for people of ANY major, there is just so much to offer!


Students who are willing to work for their education should come to this school. It's here for the taking.


Someone who is easily distracted. I say this because the environment of Columbus is one in which you have plenty of oppurtunities for help and the faculty helps the students stay on track.


The kind of person that should attend this school is the kind that is very creative and dedicated to their craft. Some people think that they can do the minimum and succeed but at Columbus State you are constantly pushed to your limits.


A peaceful person who is serious about just getting your degree.


Anyone who is looking for a "medium-sized" university should certainly consider Columbus State. Specifically, anyone hoping to pursue a degree in music or theatre should consider this school. Our Schwob School of Music is one of the top-rated music programs in the state and our Theatre Program has been compared to top universities like Florida State and University of Georgia. This is the only school that offers a degree in Theatre Education. Both the music and the theatre programs are so prestigious that applicants must audition for their spot on the roster. The education is worth the competition.


The kind of person who should attend this school needs to be a hard worker and not afraid to learn something new. Also, this person should be able to participate fully in classroom discussions. The kind of person to attend this school will also need to keep a planner to make sure they are attending every class and also to make room to study and have a little down time.