Columbus State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Columbus State University?


people that are mean, rude, and do not take school sereiously. that goes for students and staff members i think. I wish that they could see that they can actually help someone that is in need of help and you never know you may become a hero to that certain someone.


As long as you are open minded I do not think there is anyone who should not attend this school.


Somebody who does not like diversity.


A person that shouldn't attend Columbus State University is a person that doesn't like new experiences, doesn't appreciate southern towns, or has lived in Columbus all of their life.


An unfocused person.


A person that dosen't want to learn and be challenged to a good job.


If you do not want to have a close relationship with your professors, or advisors, then do not come to Columbus State University! The atmosphere is very laid back but can be exciting when it needs to be! Their is a "welcoming" atmosphere here and there is no doubt that you will make friends from the very first day that you make it to campus! If you are not a fan of these attributes then regrettably this is not the place for you.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school are people who slack off and don't go to class, lazy people. I have known a couple of people who are slackers and are lazy who have failed out of Columbus State. To order to stay in college, you have to work hard towards your degree. Thats the whole point of people being in college.


People who expect to make good grades without any effort.


someone who is willing to try something new and who lives close enough to columbus that they can go home when they need to