Columbus State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Financial aid can sometimes be slow, making it difficlut to plan for paying for college.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the availability of classes. There have been several classes that I need to take in order to graduate, but they are not offered every semester and fill up faster than you would imagine. I knew I wasn't going to graduate on time because depression set me back an entire semester, but having to fight for classes that are only available one semester out of the year makes it very difficult.


The most frustrating thing about Columbus State University is the financial aid office. They consistently lost paperwork while I was a student there, causing my student loans to not be processed on time or properly, as well as problems in geting my diploma and teaching certificate in a timely manner.


The lack of school spirit and greek life.


They want to conduct almost everyting on-line. It is very hard to get a question answered in person or over the phone.


The most frustrating thing about this school from my personal experience is the enrollment services staff (financial aid and admission staff especially) who seem to clueless and very unhelpful about nearly everything. They've messed my up aid countless times and it take forever to reach anyone at the enrollment services on the phone. I've been on hold over an hour and half just to ask a simple question. Also one than more ocassion, I have to repeatedly go up to the enrollment services office for them to correct common/simple/overlooked simples on their part. Just pathetic.


loans dont always process on time. the cost goes up every year. and if accsess some facilities [certin computer labs and gyms] were optional to pay for because you didnt ever use them, you would have the money to afford books right away.


Many students pass when, in my opinion, they do not deserve a passing grade. The professors are pressured by parents and operators of the university to pass the students.


Students who leave the room to use the bathroom or step out and the door squeaks and it distracts me.


Some of the teachers are difficult and some almost don't seem to know what they are teaching but you will have those anywhere you go. Nothing really.




There isn't really that much that I get frustrated about, aside from the lack of parking. I guess some of the classes I have taken have been a little too easy but that was because they were freshmen level classes not related to my major.


I think our school needs to communicate better between the departments to better assist the student's needs.


What frustrates me most about my school is that the police officers have horrible attitudes and are not always helpful.


the food