Community College of Aurora Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The school is really diverse. The students at the school are very helpful and like to help new students out.


They are willing to share experience and resources.


My classmates at The Community College of Aurora are extremely friendly and willing to help anyone in need, whether it be in a social or academic situation.


My classmates were very mature and on task.


My classmates are optimistic, goal-oriented, achieving people who have disciplined themselves to the rigors of studying, and they are quite diverse in age, ethnicity, current occupations, marital status, and socioeconomic groupings.


My classmates are extremely diverse.


I find my classmates to be loud, rude, annoying, moody, ungrateful, rambunctious, needy, clingy, hungry, tired, grumpy, messy, funny, hysterical, cuddly, warm, and affectionate. Since my first few classes are on-line and at home, I am speaking of my wife and daughters.


I haven's started classes yet.