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Community College of Aurora

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What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

I wish i had known about varities of courses they had offered to the students at the tution costs in classes. I didn't realize this school has the vital courses for us to develop our own goals in career. It was essential for me to stay in college and complete the classes to get my career goal on the track. I strongly recommend the prospective students to apply for fsfsa and scholarships early before the college year begins in fall. The tutions has raised drastically every year and the classes you are considering to take will be more expensive.

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i wish i would of paid more attention to what i was going to school for. I wish i would of seeked help from the concellors there so i would of been on the right track. Instead i just kind of guessed what i was doing

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I wish that I would have known that I love to cook! I would have went straight to culinary school.

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