Community College of Denver Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Busy. People go here to focus on school, not meeting people and making friends.


CSU is a large college with a beautiful campus. There are local mountains close by that allow you to embrace you outdoors spirit: hiking, biking, running, tubbing, water skiing, etc. It is a beautiful college town with many perminant residents who love the area. The teachers are all very motivating and love their jobs. There are many on and off campus activities and clubs to get involoved with. CCD is with 3 other campuses in the middle of downtown Denver. It is extremely confusing to find your way around with many students and limited parking.


The Community College of Denver to many people can be decribed as a aesthetic collage, that in many ways animates the lives of many.


the melting pot of denvers youth


small class size with good teachers.


Basically a school full of opportunities because it's located right next to all these other superb colleges.


The Community College of Denver is a college that embraces diversity, encourages academic relationships between students and instructors, and supports its students with effective means of competent outreach.


A busy, motivating, and inspiring community willing to guide ayone along the path to success.