Community College of Denver Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are about thirty students in each class and I would generally describe the as a delightful bunch. The group is devided into different catagories which include, those that are fresh out of high school who are still "wet behind the ears." There are others who are in their 20s and have some years in college and kind of know who they are as people. Then, there is the other like myself, who are wanting to futher their own careers or change careers. For the most parts, we are in school to better our lives.


It depends on the class. In more active classes, everyone is more socialable but in less active class, people keep to themselves and aren't outgoing.


I attended Colorado State University for 4 years and am now completing online pre-reqs at Community College of Denver for nursing school. CSU's students were highly motivated, ethnically diverse students. The students in my classes had high expectations for themselves as well as the professors, which were met with enthusiasm. They were friendly and always willing to help. The students in my Online Classes at CCD seemed to be unorganized and unwilling to put a lot of effort towards assignments and coherant responses to discussion boards.


My classmates are all mature struggling people that are simply trying to better themselves in this tough world.


The classmates in this school are just as diverse as the numbers in a lotto machine, everybody is laid back though and it's a learning environment in which everyone pushes you because the people care. To elaborate, everyone is just individual, it inspires me a lot.


I am in school with the best group of students anyone might imagine, as we all work great together and help each other out with everything from moving to schoolwork to emotional support.


My classmates are also my good friends.


The students at the Community College of Denver are men and women of all ages, from all over the world, who are on an aggressive quest to realize their dreams of success, service, and independence through higher education.


My classmates are all unique, they come from different backgrounds they are smart.