Community College of Denver Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The Aururia campus that the Community College of Denver is located on is a beautiful campus in downtown Denver. Also, the class sizes are of a good size.


More than anything I brag about my school's attendees. The people that go here are why I love this school so much. There are so many backgrounds in the classrooom that you will always have a second, third, or even fourth perspective on any subject. I love that I can be sitting next to someone right out highschool, then go to next my class and talk to a fourty year old single mother about her children. The idea that I can literally talk to anyone of any background gives me an edge when I enter the work field.


The Community College of Denver is an amazing school. They are very helpful and really want to see you succeed. All the different races mixed together is so nice to see as well as mostly everyone you meet is super nice and supportive. It is right in denver and has a beautiful campus mixed with Metro students. It seems modern and very clean.


When thinking of College many people think of the bigger Universities and tough programs but I would have to say when I tell people of CCD I say this college is fast paced and can definately leave many people in its wake, unlike the slow paced styles of bigger Universities CCD's is fun, fast paced, and is applicable to real life situations


I love to tell my friends that my school is cheaper than most, also that it shares a campus with two four year colleges so if you ever want to transfer you can stay on the same campus.