Community College of Denver Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that should not attend this school is the kind of person that loves to party. The kind of person that enjoys being around alot of people and seeing some of the smae people all the time. This school campus is a commuters campus so the people that go there are only focused on going, getting their education, and leaving. I would say the kind of person that shoudl not attend this school would be someone who cares more about the esperience than the academics.


Somebody who needs a great deal of one-on-one attention shouldn't attend here. The professors have many classes that they teach and most of the classes are full to capacity; there just isn't time to sit down with you and walk you through your problems step-by-step. Also, people who are adverse to crowds of people shouldn't attend.


someone who needs a more financialy appropriate form of education, someone returning to school, or someone who is fairly undecided in what to do with their education.


The good thing about attending a Community College is the fact that anyone who wants to attend there can. Every person from every lifestyle can attend and can find a place to fit in. I think that anyone who has a desire to further their education beyond high school could attend here. The only thing that would prevent someone from enjoying an education from Denver's Community College would be the lack of desire to learn and out effort into their work or someone who has found a job, career, or lifestyle that does not involve taking more educational courses.


A person who cannot self-motivate, should not attend. This college forces you to use your own ability to advance and map your path to where you want to go in life.