Community College of Denver Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school are the proffessors and teachers. They want everyone to succeed in school. They really do care about each and every student. They are always there for when you need help with your school work . They try to have as much interaction activities as possible in the class rooms so that the students can figure out the assignment and help each other.


the mix of people of diffents races and cultures give a person perspective of the real world


I think that the best thing about my school is that it has small class size and teachers pay more attention to you.


The diversity! All people from all walks of life attend CCD. Young and old are all treated equally and the classrooms are filled with every different color, age, and background. It really is great to be surrounded by different people to make friends with and learn with.


While the Community College of Denver offers many great opportunnities, I think that the best thing about the school is how flexible they are. There are many options avaliable to students who want to attend classes downtown or at another campus, or for those students who cannot attend but are able to take online classes. There are a wide variety of classes avaliable in all areas of study that make it easy for a student to decide on a path of study or for someone to take classes to continue a previous education.


The best thing about my school is there recources all over the place. There are many people to help when needed in every subject. I love that my school has free tutoring for those who need it.