Community College of Philadelphia Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Community College of Philadelphia is a brilliant combination of hard working students, consideration, optimism, kindliness and a vivacious place to attend.


A chance to come back from a setback.


Great saver to the next step. It is cheaper to obtain the Associates at a community college and then transfer. The savings translates into thousands of dollars and would lessen excessive student debt.


My school is a mixture of all the different minds in the city coming together to prove that success is possible.


Community College of Philadelphia is a great place for new beginnings, a great place for one to figure out what he or she wants to obtain from life while at the same time gaining (for the most part) valuable and transferrable college credits.


My school is a smorgasborg of traditions, faiths, and values; offering it's students a truly culturally diverse atmosphere.


My school is a public institution, that offers many different degrees at its highest level, which is an Associate's degree.


Its fun, very active, lively and a great place to network and interactive with other students my age.

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