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The Community College of Philadelphia is cheaper than most schools with very affordable education. Also if there was any reason why you couldn't go to another school you can go to this school to gain an associate's degree in which you can transfer your credits that are able to be transferred to any University you want to go to as a part of the dual admissions program.


The unique thing about this school is that it has some many subjects to major in. The school is convenient for every type of person. It doesn't discriminate and welcomes people of all ages. This school helps alot of people become success in life, even though it is a community school and not a major university.


They have the best nursing school in the nation.


The Communtiy College of Philadelphia is extremely unique to me. I grew up on a race horse farm that was essentially in the middle of no where, so needless to say, coming to school located in the busy center city of Philadelphia is a tremendous change for me. I previoulsy attended a semester at Chesapeake Community College and the differences between the two schools are inumerable. So to me the indispensability and uniquiness is due primarily to the drastic change in surroundings and even culture that I will experience at the Community College of Philadelphia.


It caters to all the needs of people from all aspects of life


My school is unique in that it allows all students (graduate and undergraduate) to take classes on a level playing field. Students aren't penalized for having a degree already; rather that is an asset.

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