Community College of Philadelphia Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Definitely the cost.


I tell them about the great career oppurtunites that Community College of Philadelphia frequently provides to the student each semester. There have been great companies available on campus for students ready to take the next step into the job market and it is a faster and easier process when compared with applying online.,


The education they teach you is reliable. I have had professor's not only taught me about the subject they was teaching me but also about life out in the real world. I can honestly say they prepared me to conquer anything I put my mind too and for that im really going to miss my favorite professor's that I got to meet.


The good thing about Community College is that it gives you the time to think about what you want to become while taking the core classes you need that will transfer when you make your decisions. In addition, the classes are smaller so your teacher will know your name. They are all so willing to help you with anything you might need and want to see you do well. Because of all this, the atmosphere is not as stressful. Being in this school has helped me to realize what I want and is helping me get there.


The price is not as expensive as most colleges.

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