Community College of Philadelphia Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how important it was to take advantage of college courses in high school. This applies to college credit and will give you a relistic view of what to expect coming into college. I would also have focused more on school and appreicating the wisdom others had to impart into me. I would also would have focused more on being a well rounded student and not all on academics.


Before I started Community College, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I wish I had taken more time to decide what I was truly interested in, what I wanted to be in life and what I wanted to learn more about. Now I know all those answers. If I had figured all of this out before, I could have gone to the school I really wanted to and not wasted time.


If I knew that college would be this challenging I would have prepared much more for the tasks that I have to complete while in school. However, saying what I should've done, or could've done, I just wish I would have know what it really takes to be a college student. It's not just about skating by anymore, the future of your career is now on the line and I have to do what I know is best and excell and gather all the known and unknown and just work towards success.


Community College of Philadelphia has proven to be an esteemed college, however the paperwork travels very slowly and certian pages on their website take too long to update (for instance the page where I can view my grades online). Though I understand there are hundreds of students in and out of CCP everyday, I wish I had known or even briefly thought that in a place where students are supposed to have assignments handed in promptly paperwork could take so long to process.


I wish I had known that the school had a habit of breaking things in their school. Their escalators hardly ever work, it's a pain. They are always doing construction, it's very annoying.


It is very crowded. I wish I knew that. It keeps you on your feet because you have to do everything ahead of time so you dont have to be in the long lines.

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