Community College of Philadelphia Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The Community College of Philadelphia happens to have an incredibly unique program called the Honors Program. It is tailored towards students who come from varying backgrounds and gives them the opportunity to familiarize them with the reality of college while at the same time giving them the tools and information they need to move on to a four year school. This program, while challenging for just about everyone, is an incredible motivation for most students who did not previously realize their ability.


The atmosphere, and the teacher's.


The best thing about my school is their Early childhood education program. The people that are in charge of that departmant are so nice and helpful. They will take time and answer your questiona and alwalys call you back when you have concerns. I like that in this program I can see pretty much the same faces until I graduate and get to know some interesting people.


The locations ae great and I always get the schedule that I need and want.


Working toward a second bacholors degree in 2009-2010, I would say that Community College of Philadelphia offered an array of resources for students of all different backgrounds. Attending Villanova University for my first degree, in comparison I believe that Community College of Philadelphia caters to the younger and older student as well as a more diverse student population.

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