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I like Concord but there are always positive and negative aspects of something. Athens West Virginia is a very small town and they like to keep it that way. There is a CVS drug store and a local "deli mart" in the town limits. The most unique part of Concord is the small town effect- everyone knows everyone and everything (Something to keep in mind on the weekend’s freshies). On the other hand Concord, being located in a small town, means that your neighbors are always willing to help out or watch out for you.


Concord is a very small, student oriented university that allows you to have one on one time with your counselors and or teachers. The school cares a lot about their students and each individuals well being.


Concord University has an excellent faculty. I have never encountered a college campus in which the professors were so accessible and willing to help you succeed. The small size of the classes allows students to get unique one-on-one attention.


Small adfordable and close to my family.


I am a social work major, and Concord has an amazing, well accreditted Social work program. Those who graduate Concord go on to have very success careers in the Social Work field.


Small classes give more one on one involvement with faculty. Homey campus with friendly students. Great academics for graduate school.


Concord University is in a very small, rural town in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. The faculty and staff are very friendly, helpful, and professional. This school was founded as an education school, so it's perfect for those who want to become a teacher. It's tution is much cheaper than most four-year universities, even for out-of-state students. There are pleanty of scholarships, jobs, and tuition reduction programs available. Also, it's distance from home compared to other four-year schools is convenient.


It's a bit smaller than the other schools I looked into, and because of that the students and staff are more closely linked. It's like a little community, even a fmaily here. You can go to anyone for help or advice, and trust that it's worthy. A really good place to be when I was the only kid from my school, and from my state that I knew of.


The only reason I chose Concord was because it was close to home and they offered scholarships to me.