Concord University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How small it is and how much more attention you recieve if you go here instead of a bigger school.


I brag about how helpful and available my professors are whenever I need them.


I tell them that my school is seen as one of the best liberal arts school in the U. S, and it is ranked 39th in the regional category of the U.S.. also there are so many things to join here, and that will just occupy your time and sometimes, you would not even feel like it's college you're attending. I also tell them that my school is a public place, and there are a lot of churches surrounded, and you can always find someone to go with, if you do not wish to be alone.


When people ask about my school I tend to focus on how easy it is to meet people. The common stereotype is that with a smaller campus, you will be exposed to fewer cultures and personalities. However, the spectrum is just as broad, but you are more likely to meet people you normally wouldn't be exposed to just by attending classes. By attending symposiums, going to campus programming, joining organizations, or just hanging out on campus, you are forced to go outside your comfort zone and you get the chance to meet some great people.


The friendly peopl and the nice clean campus. The teachers who are willing to go out of their way so that the students can be successful.


The fact that I go skiing extremely easily, and that I have an amazing department who know who I am and care about how I'm doing.


nothing really


it's pretty friendly and if you know the right people, you'll do really well.


What I brag about most is that Concord has a good journalism department, and that its a good school for being in southern, wv.