Concord University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Other than the university, there's not much to do on weekends. There's only a park and one restaurant in Athens and you have to go to Princeton for entertainment.


The financial aid department has the some of the worst employees I have ever seen. The parking here is atrocious and there is not enough parking space.


I have been attending this school for three weeks and any opinion I have formed thus far is most likely a rearing of my own fears. I have not seen much security on the grounds and only one call box. This upsets me.


There sometimes seem to be more students than there is room for them. Popular areas on Campus such as the Dining Hall and Library are easily crowded. Housing is also sometimes over crowded.


The parking at Concord University for commuter students is extremely lax - small spaces, as well as lack of spaces available.


It is in a small town, allowing things to be very peaceful, but it doesn't allow for cultural/urban experiences.


Concord has horrible parking. Other than that there is nothing wrong with Concord. It is a well organized and developed school with amazing programs, but their parking is absolutely horid.


I tremendously love Concord and everything it has to offer. If I had to choose something that I would consider its worst quality, I would certainly have to say its location. It is in a very small town with little to no activities for its students. The school itself, however, puts forth a tremendous effort in providing extra-curricular activities for its students.


Can get boring at some times. Some classes are required that are not in anyway related to a students major. Some classes are significantly harder than those of other universities.


There aren't many things to do, or organizations to get involved in. I really like to be involved in my school and community, It was hard for me to get involved here because there simply aren't enough types of organizations or people who share the want to get involved.


The worst thing about my school is the food. The food here is bad because it's either the same thing every other day or poor combinations of food.


Honestly, the worst thing about the school I go to is that sometimes it doesn't feel like everyone there, including professors aren't excited enough for education. It feels like some of the students are there because they need to be, not for the enjoyment of education in itself.


The weather would definatly be the worst thing about my school. Here in Athens it gets pretty cold and windy. Very windy actually. But other than that it is a pretty awesom school.


They advertise a theater program and it wasn't a strong program at all. They have only one professor who is not knowledgable in the craft. There is an amazing new lighting system in both theaters but the professor is not proficient in using or teaching the use of it. Also the financial aid and business departments are very poor in communicating with students and with each other. They will send you back and forth and never actually solve your problems. Also you might owe a fee as low as seven dollars and they'll threaten to freeze your account.


No recreational facilities. Workout space is very limited. In the middle of nowhere.


The somewhat remote location.


The worst thing about my school is the parking, because sometimes I have a terrible time finding a place to park.


The Cost!!!! Some very bright and able students that would be perfect for some careers will never experience this because of cost and the ones who are and do come with the help of loans will never be able to live a life because they will have to pay loans all their life!!