Concord University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Concord University?


Someone who is focused on a quality education and isn't afraid to get out there and meet new people.


Someone who wants a good education. Someone who isn't afraid to work hard for what they want. They should be aware that, if you go to this school, you are going to earn your degree and learn the material. Concord is great, and it's a wonderful place for ideas and opinions to merge. It doesn't discriminate, and neither should the student that attends. The kind of person that attends this school must be hardworking, or they won't make it.


A person that is okay with not having a lot to do and is serious about their education! The classes are tough so they should be prepared to work hard


I would definitely reccomend this school to someone who is looking for small class sizes, a good value, helpful professors, and a school that's focused on academics.


A person looking to attend this school should have a hard-working, go-getter attitude. Most of the majors and specializations are very rigorous and are designed for students who are great time managers. Also, someone who likes to be involved with the local community and the campus community should attend this school. Someone who desires to make a name for themselves, but not attend a large university, should attend this school.


This school is perfect for people who like the small classroom and campus atmosphere. Those who are very quiet or even outgoing will feel at home here. You certainly need a good work ethic and study habits to keep up with the school work. You must be willing to work with professors one on one to be successful. Also, it is necessary that you earnestly seek out your graduation and/or certification requirements on your own while you are here. Therefore, you must be responsible and disciplined to get the most out of your education.


Anyone can go to Concord. There are all different kinds of people here. We have tons of clubs , sororities, fraternities, and sports.


People who aren't for the city and like small class sizes and one on one attention


This school is perfect for someone who likes a close knit group of people. Ats very small, under 3,000, about half of which live on campus. I love being at a small school though. In larger Universities it is easy to get lost in the crowd. here i have the opportunity to be involved in anythign and get nocticed. Its also nice being able to go anywhere on campus and seeing a handful of people you know. Its like we are one really large family.


A person who likes small town enviroments.